Test Your Catholic IQ!


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, March 17, 2019

1. ______________ and sponsors are older, more experienced Catholics who promise to mentor and teach new Christians about living as disciples of Jesus.

a. professional athletes 
b. godparents
c. rap singers
d. bankers

2. Jesus predicted _______________.

a. the winner of the super bowl
b. the fall of the Roman Empire
c. the day the world would end
d. that he would rise from the dead

3. As a boy, Jesus learned about his Jewish religion _____________.

a. directly from heaven
b. through his family
c. online
d. at his Catholic church

4. Parents ___________ their babies to begin the child’s Christian life in the Church community

a. baptize
b. feed
c. marry off
d. bathe

DID YOU KNOW? Bow before receiving Holy Communion. Show your respect with a bow of the head. This is an ancient practice that has continued until this day.

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Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, March 10, 2019

1. What age group is invited to Mass on Sunday?

a. teenagers
b. young families
c. senior citizens
d. all ages

2. A family that learns and lives the faith together prepares children to respond to God’s call to serve as faith-filled _______, single, or married people.

a. Priests or religious
b. athletes
c. foreigners
d. world travelers

3. Lent is a time to pay special attention to and help ____________.

a. our parents
b. those in need
c. babies
d. our teachers

4. During Lent, Catholics give up _______ on Fridays

a. meat
b. fruit
c. vegetables
d. video games

DID YOU KNOW?  When we enter and leave Church, genuflect toward the Tabernacle. Christ is present for our sake. By allowing our right knee to hit the floor, we acknowledge He is our Lord and God. If someone is physically unable to genuflect, then a bow is sufficient. During Mass, if you pass in front of the altar or tabernacle, bow reverently.

1. d, all ages
2. a, Priests or religious
3. b, those in need
4. a, meat


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, March 3, 2019

1. A popular Lenten activity is _____________ .

a. eating pizza on Fridays
b. complaining
c. praying 20 rosaries a day
d. Stations of the Cross

2. The traditional Lenten spiritual practices are _____________, fasting, and almsgiving.

a. pilgrimages
b. prayer
c. returning your Christmas gifts
d. memorizing the Bible

3. Lent is the time to prepare for the great triumph of Easter.


4. The First day of Lent is _______.

a. Valentine’s day
b. Christmas
c. Ash Wednesday
d. Easter

DID YOU KNOW? Do not receive from the chalice if you are sick. This is an act of charity and it is not necessary to receive in order to receive the entirety of Jesus’ body, blood, soul, and divinity.

1. d, Stations of the Cross
2. b Prayer
4. c. Ash Wednesday


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, February 24, 2019

1. “Turn away from _________and be faithful to the Gospel” is the exhortation Catholics hear when we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

a. candy
b. bullies
c. sin
d. enemies

2. Some churches use the more ancient Ash Wednesday exhortation: Remember that you
are _______ and to _______ you will return.

a. dirt
b. dust
c. a saint 
d. a sinner

3. _______ is a time for increased prayer, sacrifice, and service for all Catholics.

a. Lent
b. Before breakfast
c. After dinner
d. Sunday

4. The season of Lent lasts for ________ days .

a. a million
b. 3
c. 365
d. 40

DID YOU KNOW?  Cell phones should never be used in Mass for calls or texting. The exceptions are emergencies (big ones, not everyday ones) and if you do use one, please walk out of church to do so. Also, if you are using the phone for readings or prayers, this is appropriate, but try to be discreet.

1. c, sin
2. a, dust
3. a, Lent
4. d. 40


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, February 17, 2019

1. When God called _______ to become a prophet, ______ said “I do not know how to speak. I am too young!”

a. Micah
b. Joel
c. Billy Graham
d. Jeremiah

2. n 1993, the city of ______hosted Pope John Paul II at the only WYD in the United States.

a. Denver
b. New York
c. Los Angeles
d. Toledo

3. The patron saint of youth ministry is _____________.

a. John Bosco
b. Ignatius of Loyola
c. Martin de Porres
d. John of the Cross

DID YOU KNOW? You should Cross yourself with Holy Water on entering and leaving the church. This is a reminder of our Baptism, which made us members of Christ’s Church. Try to remain mindful of what you are doing and be sure to say a prayer as you cross yourself.

1. d, Jeremiah
2. a, Denver
3. a, John Bosco


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, February 10, 2019

1. _____________ is the event every three years when the Pope gathers with youth and young adults from around the world for prayer and celebration of our Catholic Faith.

a. Pope camp
b. World Youth Day
c. Pope-a-looza
d. Teen Mass

2. As baptized members of the Church, young people are expected to live as disciples of Jesus _______________.

a. When they get married and have children
b. when they become adults
c. never
d. right now

3. The First young person to accept Jesus into their life was ________________.

a. Adam
b. the Blessed Virgin Mary
c. Moses
d. Pope Francis

There should be no food or drink in the church. The exceptions would be a drink for small children, water for the priest or choir (if discreet) and water for those who are ill. Bringing a snack into church is not appropriate, because we want to set the church apart as a place of prayer and reflection.

1. b, World Youth Day
2. d, right now
3. b, the Blessed Virgin Mary