Test Your Catholic IQ!


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Test Your Knowledge of Saints

1. This female Saint is a Doctor of the Church and often considered the greatest modern day saint. Hailing from France, she was only 24 when she succumbed to tuberculosis on September 30, 1897. She is patron saint of missionaries and Russia. She is known as the Little Flower.

a. St Joan of Arc
b. St Kateri Tekakwitha
c. Saint Clare of Assisi
d. Saint Therese of Lisieux

2. This male saint is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He is a brother of another apostle and one of the Sons of Thunder. He is known as the Beloved Disciple. He survived all the other
apostles and lived until the year 100.

a. St. Andrew 
b. St. Jude
c. St. Peter
d. St. John the Apostle

3. This saint is a true warrior having battled for her country with a sign reading, “Jesus, Mary.” She is patron saint of France having lived from 1412 to 1431.

a. St. Margaret of Antioch
b. St. Teresa of Avila
c. St. Catherine of Alexandria
d. St. Joan of Arc

Answers Next Week:


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Test Your Sacramental Knowledge
Sunday, November 10, 2019

1. The patron saint of first communicants is _______.

a. Blessed Imelda Lambertini
b. St. Ignatius of Antioch
c. St. Thomas Aquinas
d. St. James

2. The Mass is structured into two main parts: the Liturgy of the _______ and the Liturgy of
the Eucharist.

a. book
b. word
c. readings
d. preaching

3. In Greek, eucharist literally means _______.

a. city by the sea
b. u r Christ
c. holy meal
d. thanksgiving

4. At the Last Supper, which was the first Mass, Jesus not only instituted the Eucharist, he
also _______ the disciples’ feet.

a. washed
b. healed
c. smelled
d. put sandals on

5. The earliest Christians all believed in and celebrated the Eucharist just like Catholics

True or False

This week’s answers:

1. a, Blessed Imelda Lambertini
2. b, word
3. d, thanksgiving
4. a, washed
5. True


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Test Your Confirmation Knowledge
Sunday, November 3, 2019

1. _________ of the Lord is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is also known as “awe and wonder”.

a. service
b. obedience
c. knowledge
d. fear


2. The gift of _______ gives the confirmed person the ability to do what is right in difficult and even dangerous situations.

a. understanding
b. fortitude
c. piety
d. gab


3. _______ is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit seen in Catholics who fully live out their Baptism and Confirmation.

a. joy
b. papaya
c. membership in the choir
d. self-respect


4. _______ is the fruit of the Holy Spirit that gives us the ability to desire what is good for others even if they hurt us.

a. patience
b. love
c. peace
d. kindness


5. How many times do Catholics get confirmed?

a. every time they go to Mass
b. it depends on the parish
c. twice
d. once

This week’s answers:

1. d, fear
2. b, fortitude
3. a, joy
4. b, love
5. d, once


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Test Your Confirmation Knowledge
Sunday, October 27, 2019

1.The Bishop ________ Confirmation candidates with sacred Chrism to signify their new life in Christ.

a. washes
b. anoints
c. salutes
d. paints

2. The confirmandi are anointed on the _________

a. hands
b. feet
c. lips
d. foreheads

3. Sacred chrism has perfume in it.

True – False

4. Sacred _________ is the holy oil used for anointing the candidates at Confirmation.

a. grease
b. baby oil
c. chrism
d. suntan oil

5. Confirmation is the first sacrament Catholics receive.

True – False

This week’s answers:

1. b, anoints
2. d, foreheads
3. True
4. c, chism (once a year during Holy Week bishops bless the oils that parishes will use locally for the sacraments)
5. False


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Test Your Confirmation Knowledge
Sunday, October 20, 2019

1. _________ is the sacrament that confirms the promises made by parents and godparents at an infant’s Baptism.

a. First Communion
b. Confirmation
c. Holy Orders
d. Anointing of the Sick

2. ________ is the main symbol of Confirmation

a. Sacred chrism
b. water
c. bread
d. a candle

3. To show a connection to _________, the Confirmation liturgy begins with a renewal of
the promises made at ________.

a. birth
b. the Vatican
c. school
d. Baptism

4. The gift of _______ given at Confirmation helps Catholics measure decisions based on the truths of God.

a. wisdom
b. piety
c. courage
d. chocolate

5. A Catholic needs to be ________ in order to be a disciple of Christ.

a. confirmed
b. a priest
c. baptized
d. a nun


This week’s answers:

1. b, Confirmation
2. a, Sacred chrism
3. d, Baptism
4. a, wisdom
5. c, confirmed


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 5th Grader?
Sunday, October 13, 2019

1. How many Books are there in the Bible (old and new testament)?

a. 103
b. 77
c. 82
d. 73

2. What is the first Book of the Bible?

a. Exodus
b. Psalms
c. Genesis
d. Matthew

3. What is the greatest act of worship for Catholics?

a. Baptism
b. Religious Ordination
c. Eucharist
d. Confirmation

4. What is the first Miracle of Jesus recorded in the Bible?

a. changing water to wine
b. walking on water
c. healing the sick
d. healing a paralyzed man

5. All 7 sacraments have their origin in scriptures,


This week’s answers:

1. d, 73
2. c, Genesis
3. c, Eucharist
4. a, changing water to wine
5. True


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 5th Grader?
Sunday, October 6, 2019

1. How many brothers did Joseph have?

a. 0
b. 11
c. 3
d. 7

2. John the Baptist lived off the land. What did he eat?

a. Goat’s milk and bread
b. fish and berries
c. locusts and wild honey
d. oats & grains

3. What is the name of the mountain where Moses was given the 10 Commandments?

a. Mt. Olympus
b. Mt. Sinai
c. Mt. Ararat
d. Mt. Zion

4. What does the name Christ mean?

a. Healer
b. cherished
c. anointed
d. son

5. Noah sent two birds from the Ark, one of which was a Dove. What was the other bird?

a. raven
b. peacock
c. finch
d. eagle


This week’s answers:

1. b, 11
2. c, locusts and wild honey
3. b, Mt. Sinai
4. c, anointed
5. a, raven


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 5th Grader?
Sunday, September 29, 2019

1. How many people did Jesus feed with the five loaves and two fish?

a. 213
b. 3000
c. 777
d. 5000

2. What does the term “Gospel” mean?

a. God Bless
b. Story of our Ancestors
c. Word of the Lord
d. Good News

3. What do we call the item that looks like a staff that the Bishop carries?

a. crosier
b. crux
c. pectoral cross
d. shepherds hook

4. What is the name of the peaked hat that the Bishop wears?

a. camauro
b. skuMia
c. mitre
d. mantilla

5. During ordination, what does the Bishop use to anoint the palms of the men?

a. Holy Water
b. cross
c. chrism
d. wine

This week’s answers:

1. d, 5000
2. d, Good News
3. a, Crosier
4. c, mitre
5. c, chrism


Test your Catholic IQ!  Water and the Spirit
Sunday, September 22, 2019

1. __________ said of his cousin Jesus: “I am baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is coming …. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”

a. John the Baptist
b. The Wizard of Oz
c. Captain John Smith
d. St. Peter

2. Most Catholics are baptized as _______ and then grow up in the Church where they are formed in the faith.

a. Buddhists
b. saints
c. adults
d. infants

3. Baptism washes away _______, which has spiritually crippled humanity since Adam and Eve.

a. bad habits
b. bad breath
c. bad body odor
d. original sin

4. All Catholics are immersed completely in water when baptized.


5. After Jesus was baptized, he came up from the water and … he saw the Spirit of God descending
like a __________…upon him.

a. pterodactyl
b. pigeon
c. dove
d. gust of wind

This week’s answers:

1. a, John the Baptist
2. d, infants
3. d, original sin
5. c, dove


Test your Catholic IQ!  Water and the Spirit  (Courtesy of OLGH)

Sunday, September 15, 2019

1. Which sacrament did Jesus tell Nicodemus was necessary for salvation? (John 3:5).

a. Baptism
b. Communion
c. bar mitzvah
d. Anointing of the sick

2. Ananias baptized ________ after ________heard Jesus’ voice and was told to stop persecuting Christians (see Acts 9).

a. Nero
b. Paul
c. Valentine
d. Blase

3. Christians who were baptized in different denominations and convert to Catholicism do
not have to be re-baptized.


4. The person who baptized Jesus was ______ the Baptist.

a. John
b. George
c. Frank
d. Larry

5. Those who are baptized receive a _______ Baptismal garment.

a. black
b. white
c. purple
d. tye-dyed

This week’s answers:

1. a, Baptism
2. b, Paul
4. a, John
5. b, white


Test your Catholic IQ!  Water and the Spirit (Courtesy of OLGH)

Sunday, September 9, 2019

1. No one had ever heard of Baptism before Jesus was baptized.

True or False

2. _______ begins the process of initiating a person into the believing Body of Christ, which is the Church.

a. memorizing the Our Father
b. Catholic school
c. Sunday school
d. Baptism

3. The sacrament of Baptism unites all _______ as brothers and sisters in Christ.

a. Americans
b. monotheists
c. Christians
d. religious people

4. When we go to church, we bless ourselves with _______ to remind ourselves of our Baptism.

a. palm branches
b. holy water
c. kindness
d. white clothes

5. How many times do Catholics get baptized?

a. as many times as they want
b. three times
c. whenever they join a new parish
d. once

This week’s answers:

1.     False
2. d, Baptism
3. c, Christians
4. b, holy water
5. d, once