Test Your Catholic IQ!


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, July 12, 2020
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 8th Grader?

1. Rosaries, relics, medals, crucifixes, scapulars are all examples of sacramentals?

True or False

2. What are the four marks of the Church?

a. Prayer, love, works, almsgiving
b. faith, hope, love & charity
c. one, holy, catholic & apostolic
d. temperance, justice, prudence, & fortitude
e. peace, love, charity & faith

3. Which sacrament(s) use the Sacred Chrism oil?

a. only Baptism & Confirmation
b. only Baptism
c. only Confirmation
d. Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Orders
e. None of the above

4. The sacrament of anointing of the sick can be celebrated by?

a. Only the bishop
b. a bishop or priest
c. a bishop, priest or deacon
d. Normally by a bishop, priest or deacon but a layman can celebrate it in an emergency

This week’s answers:
1. True
2. c
3. d
4. b


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, July 5, 2020
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 5th Grader?

1. How many brothers did Joseph (of the Old Testament) have?

a. 0
b. 11
c. 3
d. 7

2. John the Baptist lived off the land. What did he eat?

a. Goats milk and bread
b. fish and berries
c. locusts and wild honey
d. oats and grains

3. What is the name of the mountain where Moses was given the 10 Commandments?

a. Mt. Olympus
b. Mt. Sinai
c. Mt. Ararat
d. Mt. Zion

4. What does the name Christ mean?

a. Healer
b. Cherished
c. Anointed
d. Son

5. Noah sent two birds from the ark, one of which was a dove. What was the other bird?

a. raven
b. peacock
c. finch
d. eagle

This week’s answers:
1. b
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. a


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, June 28, 2020
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 8th Grader?

1. There are seven holy days of obligation in the United States.

True / False

2. Which of the following is NOT a cardinal virtue?

a. Prudence
b. Charity
c. Fortitude
d. Justice

3. The truths, beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith are known as:

a. Teachings
b. Catechism
c. Tradition
d. Doctrine

4. The sacrament of confession:

a. Must include a confession of all your sins committed in order to be valid
b. Must be received by all Catholic adults at least once a year
c. Must be received before receiving Communion by anyone guilty of a mortal sin
d. All of the above

This week’s answers:
1. False, the US Church observes 6 holy days of obligation
2. b
3. c, Traditions are the elements of our faith that have been given us from Christ down through the Bishops to the present day Church
4. c


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, June 21, 2020
Are You Smarter Than a Catholic 5th Grader?

1. What does the term Gospel mean?

a. God Bless
b. Word of the Lord
c. Story of our Ancestors
d. Good News

2. What do we call the item that looks like a staff that the Bishop carries?

a. crosier
b. crux
c. pectoral cross
d. shepherd’s hook

3. What is the name of the peaked hat that the Bishop wears?

a. Camauro
b. SkuBia
c. Mitre
d. Mantilla

4. During ordination, what does the Bishop use to anoint the palms of the men?

a. Holy Water
b. Gold Cross
c. Chrism
d. Wine

This week’s answers:
1. d
2. a
3. c
4. c


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Corpus Christi

1. Corpus Christi is a Christian feast celebrated every year after __________ in commemoration of the __________?

a. Trinity Sunday, Last Supper of Jesus Christ
b. Holy Thursday, crucifixion of Jesus
c. Wednesday, New Bible
d. Friday, Building Churches

2. Corpus Christi a is Latin name for __________.

a. Crucifixion of Jesus
b. Body of Christ
c. Festival
d. Resurrection

3. The __________ is the source and summit of the whole Christian life.

a. Eucharist
b. Food
c. Water
d. Holy name

4. The Sacrament of the Eucharist is a sign and cause of __________.

a. The unity of Christ’s Mystical Body
b. The crucifixion of body
c. Self-realization
d. Purity

This week’s answers:
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. a


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, June 7, 2020
Holy Trinity

1. Which is an accurate statement of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity?

a. There are three true Gods: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
b. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are different aspects or persons of the one true God
c. The Son and the Holy Spirit are servants of God the Father
d. The Son is the servant of God the Father and the Holy Spirit is the servant of the Son

2. Who said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”?

a. Jesus only
b. Paul only
c. Peter only
d. Jesus, Paul and Peter

3. To whom was Jesus speaking when He said, “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of the water and the Spirit?

a. Mary Magdalene
b. Peter
c. Pontius Pilate
d. Nicodemus

4. True or False? The Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are the same?

True False

This week’s answers:
1. b
2. a
3. d
4. True


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, May 31, 2020

1. What happened on the day of Pentecost?

a. The Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ apostles
b. Jesus ascended to heaven
c. The church at Rome was founded
d. Peter baptized 50 soldiers in the river Jordan

2. How did the newly converted Christians demonstrate their devotion and unity?

a. They built a magnificent church for worship.
b. They expelled the pagans from Jerusalem.
c. They shared all their possessions in common.
d. They vowed to defeat the Roman oppressors

3. Who was the first Christian martyr?

a. John
b. Peter
c. Stephen
d. Zacchaeus

4. Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles?
a. John
b. Luke
c. Paul
d. Peter

This week’s answers:
1. a
2. c
3. c
4. b


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, May 24, 2020

1. After His resurrection, how long did Jesus remain on earth before he was taken up to heaven ?

a. 4 days
b. 40 days
c. 3 months
d. 3 years

2. What did Jesus say to His disciples shortly before His ascension?

a. “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”
b. “I am sending upon you what my Father promised; so stay here in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”
c. “John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”
d. All of the above

3. As he was being taken up, what hid Jesus from the eyes of those watching?

a. a cloud
b. a dark storm
c. a dazzling bright light
d. a darkness that fell over the land

4. Who appeared beside them as they were watching Jesus disappear?

a. An angel of the Lord
b. two men dressed in white
c. St Peter
d. Elijah & Elisha

This week’s answers:
1. b
2. d
3. a
4. b


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, May 17, 2020

1. When Mary was greeted by the Angel Gabriel, what was her reply to this greeting?

a. I’m not sure
b. my soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior
c. No, thank you
d. Be it done unto me according to your word

2. The portion of the Hail Mary which says “Holy Mary, Mother of God” was based on the words of which character in the Bible?

a. Herod
b. St. Elizabeth
c. The Angel Gabriel
d. St. Joseph

3. Which of the following Saints did NOT experience a vision of the Blessed Virgin?

a. St. Marie Bernadette Soubirous
b. St. Therese of the Child Jesus
c. St. Kateri Tekakwitha
d. St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

4. Mary is said to be descended from which character of the Old Testament through her father?

a. David
b. Rebekah
c. Aaron
d. Naomi

5. When Mary appeared to St. Philomena in her cell in the dungeon, she compared her to what celestial body?

a. the sun
b. the moon
c. a star
d. a comet

This week’s answers:
1. d
2. b
3. c
4. a
5. b


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, May 10, 2020
Gift of Ordination

1. St. __________ is well known as the patron saint of parish priests .

a. John Vianney
b. Francis
c. John Paul II 
d. Bernard

2. The bishop of Rome is also called the ________.

a. rector
b. pope
c. Italian Bishop
d. Roman emperor

3. When a person receives his first ordination, he becomes a __________.

a. deacon
b. Christian
c. brother
d. monk

4. Priests, deacons, and bishops are ordained to serve the __________ needs of others.

a. emotional
b. spiritual
c. musical
d. medical

5. All Catholics who have not received the Sacrament of Holy Orders are called __________.

a. transitional deacons
b. bishops
c. laity
d. permanent deacons

This week’s answers:
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. c


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, May 3, 2020
Gift of Ordination

1. In general, priests can only celebrate ________out of the seven sacraments.

a. 3.5
b. 2
c. 6
d. 5

2. ____________ serves as a witness for the Church at every Catholic marriage.

a. a wedding singer
b. an ordained minister
c. flower girl
d. wedding planner

3. Deacons can celebrate ____________ and weddings (outside of the context of Mass).

a. ordinations
b. first communions
c. baptisms
d. bar mitzvahs

4. At Mass, deacons are recognizable because they wear their __________ across their chests.

a. socks
b. team colors
c. name
d. stoles

5. The first Christian to die for his faith was a deacon named __________ (see Acts 6-7).

a. Stephen
b. Jones
c. David
d. Peter

This week’s answers:
1. d – As a rule, priests cannot ordain anyone, and confirmation is reserved for the bishop. Under special circumstances, priests may be given temporary faculties for confirmation from the bishop
2. b
3. c
4. d
5. a