Test Your Catholic IQ!

Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, April 5, 2020
Holly Week

1. On what day during Lent does the Bishop bless holy oils for the year?

a. Holy Thursday
b. Holy Saturday
c. Tuesday of Holy Week
d. Wednesday of Holy Week

2. When Does Lent officially end?

a. sunrise Easter Sunday
b. sundown Holy Thursday
c. sundown Holy Saturday
d. the end of Holy Thursday services

3. What is the Triduum?

a. refers to the Holy Trinity
b. sunrise Holy Thursday to sunrise Easter Sunday
c. Mon., Tue., Wed. of Holy Week
d. sundown Holy Thursday to Sundown Easter Sunday

4. What is the one day of the year when the Catholic Church does not have a Mass?

a. Holy Saturday
b. Good Friday
c. Monday after Easter
d. Wed. of Holy Week

5. What day of Holy Week is the Altar stripped?

a. after Masses on Palm Sunday
b. Sunset on Wed. of Holy Week
c. After Mass on Holy Thursday
d. beginning of Good Friday Services

answers next week:


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, March 29, 2020

1. On what Sunday during Lent does the priest bless palms?

a. Palm Sunday
b. Easter Sunday
c. Laetare Sunday
d. Gaudete Sunday

2. What event in the life of Jesus do the palms recall for us?

a. The scourging at the pillar
b. The crowning of thorns
c. The entrance into Jerusalem
d. The agony in the garden

3. How many times does Jesus fall in the Station of the Cross?

a. 6
b. 3
c. 4
d. 1

4. Which feast day always comes during Lent?

a. Annunciation
b. Assumption
c. St. Joseph’s Feast
d. Presentation

5. On which animal did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

a. Camel
b. Donkey
c. Elephant
d. Horse

This week’s answers:
1. a
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. b


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, March 22, 2020
Stations of the Cross

1. What are the Stations of the Cross?

a. The points of the Cross where Jesus was crucified
b. The steps of Jesus’ last day on Earth as a man
c. The place people go to pray for Jesus on Easter
d. The crosses located at Jesus’ burial site

2. When do Catholics pray the Stations of the Cross?

a. Advent
b. New Year
c. Pentecost
d. Lent

3. During which Station, does Jesus receive His cross?

a. The first station
b. The final station
c. The second station
d. He started at the beginning already with the cross

4. Who helps Jesus with his physical burdens during the fifth station?

a. Simon of Cyrene
b His Blessed Mother
c. John the Apostle
d. Judas

5. The Twelfth Station is “Jesus dies on the cross.” What were Jesus’ last words just before he died?

a. Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit
b. Remember my promises
c. I will return in three days time
d. Father, forgive those who have sinned in my death

This week’s answers:

1. b
2. d
3. c
4. a
5. a


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, March 15, 2020
St Patrick

1. March 17, the feast of Saint Patrick commemorates his ____________.

a. birth
b. death
c. conversion
d. graduation

2. Saint Patrick was born in Ireland.


3. Saint Patrick’s color is ____________.

a. blue
b. green
c. gold
d. yellow

4. The symbol of Ireland is ____________.

a. snake
b. harp
c. shamrock
d. beer stein

5. Saint Patrick used a _____________ to teach about the trinity.

a. cross
b. apple
c. triangle
d. shamrock

This week’s answers:

1. b
2. False
3. a, The original color associated with St. Patrick is blue, not green as commonly believed. In several artworks depicting the saint, he is shown wearing blue vestments. King Henry VIII used the Irish harp in gold on a blue Flag to represent the country.
4. b
5. d


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, March 8, 2020

1. What color vestment can the priest wear the fourth Sunday of Lent?

a. red
b. purple
c. rose
d. white

2. What prayer of the Mass is omitted during Lent?

a. Gloria
b. Holy, Holy
c. the opening prayer
d. intercessory prayer

3. What snack originated during Lent because it contains only flour, water and salt?

a. crackers
b. pretzels
c. flatbread
d. Captain Crunch

4. How many Stations of the Cross are there?

a. 10
b. 14
c. 20
d. 16

5. On what days are Catholics required to fast during Lent?

a. all Fridays
b. All Sundays
c. all Wednesdays
d. Ash Wednesday & Good Friday

This week’s answers:
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. d


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, March 1, 2020

1. What is Lent?

a. A season of repentance, prayer and fasting
b. A season leading up to Christmas
c. A time to remember the Virgin Mary
d. A season of hope, Mass and penance

2. What is the original meaning of the word Lent?

a. Prayer
b. Strength
c. Family
d. Spring

3. How many days are in Lent?

a. 15 days
b. 40 days
c. 46 days
d. 1 day

4. Why does Lent last 40 days?

a. Virgin Mary’s pregnancy lasted only 40 days
b  Noah spent 40 days on the Ark
c. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert praying and fasting
d. Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai with God

5. Which devotion has a special place during Lent?

a. Stations of the Cross
b. Novenas
c. Hail Mary
d. Triduum

This week’s answers:
1. a
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. a


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, February 23, 2020
Ash Wednesday

1. What is Ash Wednesday?

a. A holy day of obligation
b. The day marking the beginning of Lent
c. The day Jesus rose again
d. The last day of Lent

2. Ash Wednesday is a holy day of obligation?


3. Easter affects the day Ash Wednesday lands on.


4. The ashes on the forehead represent ______.

a. mourning and repentance
b the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
c. commitment to God
d. a cool sign of faith

5. Can you eat meat on Ash Wednesday?

a. Yes, you only must abstain from eating meat on Fridays
b. No, meat is prohibited on Ash Wednesday

This week’s answers:

1. b, The day marking the beginning of Lent
2. False
3. True (it is 46 days before Easter)
4. a, mourning and repentance
5. b, No, meat is prohibited on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Fridays of Lent


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Sacrament of Matrimony

1. The exchange of vows, called the “giving of_______,” is when the sacrament of Matrimony actually occurs.

a. consent
b. Flowers
c. rings
d. wedding cake

2. A divorced Catholic cannot remarry in the Catholic church unless his or her first marriage was __________.

a. performed in a foreign country
b annulled
c. celebrated before 1990
d. forgotten

3. Catholic couples celebrate their marriage ceremonies _______.

a. on a beach
b. in a church
c. at home
d. anywhere they want

4. It is possible for a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic in a valid Catholic wedding.


5. Saint _______ is the patron saint of married people.

a. Joseph
b. Tietheknot
c. Katharine Drexel
d. Michael

This week’s answers:

1. a, consent
2. b, annulled
3. b, in a church
4. True
5. a, Joseph


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, February 9, 2020
Saints of the Week

1. St. Scholastica, whose feast is Feb. 10th, is the sister of _____________.

a. St. Augustine
b. St. Benedict
c. St. Francis
d. Constantine

2. St. Scholastica is the patron saint of __________.

a. librarians
b. dentists
c. nuns
d. newborn babies

3. Sts.Cyril & Methodius, whose feast is Feb. 14, were brothers who believed in ___________.

a. receiving the Eucharist daily
b. receiving the Eucharist daily
c. the importance of celebrating the Eucharist in your own language
d. weekly family dinners

4. St. Valentine was a kind hearted priest imprisoned by Claudius II for aiding young Christians. While he was in custody St. Valentine __________.

a. healed a fellow prisoner of a heart ailment
b. converted 46 members of the guards families
c. made conversation hearts
d. fasted for 46 days

This week’s answers:

1. b, St. Benedict
2. c, nuns
3. c, the importance of celebrating the Eucharist in your own language
4. b, converted 46 members of the guards families


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, February 2, 2020
Test Your Knowledge

1. Candlemas is a Christian Holiday celebrated on Feb. 2nd. It celebrates three occasions according to Christian belief: the presentation of the child Jesus, Jesus’ first entry into the temple and _______.

a. Jesus’ first outing
b. purification of the Virgin Mary
c. the light of Christ
d. the groundhogs shadow

2. The feast of Saint Blaise is celebrated each year on_____.

a. Feb. 1
b. Feb. 6
c. Feb. 3
d. Feb. 4

3. Saint Blaise is the patron saint of _______.

a. doctors
b. firemen
c. illnesses of the throat
d. candle makers

4. Some Catholic parishes commemorate the feast of St. Blaise by _______.

a. lighting extra candles
b. blessing throats
c. handing out candles
d. blessing animals

This week’s answers:

1. b, purification of the Virgin Mary
2. c, Feb. 3
3. c, illnesses of the throat
4. b, blessing throats


Test your Catholic IQ! (Courtesy of OLGH)
Sunday, January 26, 2020
Test Your Knowledge on Anointing of the Sick

1. Only a ________ can anoint a sick person.

a. Doctor
b. miracle worker
c. teacher
d. priest

2. _________ is the Iinal Eucharist that is given to a person in danger of death along with the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

a. First Communion
b. The Last Supper
c. Viaticum
d. Baptism

3. If a dying person is too sick to be baptized but would seek baptism if they could, this is called a “baptism of _______,” and that person can also be anointed.

a. procrastination
b. Anointing
c. too little too late
d. desire

4. A protestant can never receive Anointing of the Sick.


5. During the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, the person is anointed on his _______ and hands

a. forehead
b. feet
c. tongue
d. heart

This week’s answers:

1. d, priest
2. c, Viaticum
3. d, desire
4. d, FALSE
5. a, forehead