Test Your Catholic IQ!


Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, November 18


1. Deacons, priests and bishops receive the sacrament of ______ to serve the Church with God’s power.
a. Holy Orders b. Matrimony
c. preaching d. leadership

2. The Mass has two main parts: The Liturgy of the __________ and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

a. music b. word
c. homily d. adults


1. The season of Advent prepares us for Christmas, which is _______.
a. Santa’s birthday                                      b. Jesus’ Baptism
c. the day Jesus rose from the dead     d. Jesus’ birthday

2. God only calls perfect boys and girls to be priests or religious sisters and brothers
True/ False

Answers Next Week

Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, November 11


1. Jesus continues to forgive, heal and spiritually feed Catholics today through the ___________.
a. Old Testament b. funerals
c. Catechism d. sacraments
2. Oil used for anointing at Confirmation and Baptism is called ____________.
a. perfumed oil b. chrism
c. canola oil d. spikenard


1. After receiving communion we say, “ _____”.
a. And with your spirit b. Amen
c. Good-Bye d. Thank you
2. The special cup the priest uses at the altar to hold the blood of Christ is called a _______________.
a. chalice b. holy grail
c. goblet d. sippy cup

Adults 1. d, sacraments 2. b, chrism
Children 1. b, Amen 2. a, chalice

Test your Catholic IQ! Sacrament Celebrations
Sunday, November 4

1. Jesus Said, “Do this _________________ of me” at the Last Supper when he celebrated the First Mass.
a. in imitation b. in fear
c. instead d. in memory
2. Marriage is a sacrament of vocation.
True / False

1. The place where we can be closest to Jesus is at

a. Disney  b. school
c. Mass     d. the beach
2. A person becomes a Christian when he/she is
a. no longer tempted to sin    b. born
c. baptized       d. ordained

Adults 1. d, in memory 2. True
Children 1. c, Mass 2. c, baptized