For Parish Council Members only:

The next parish council meeting is Friday June 15, 2018

Parish Council Members

Joe DeVillez (President)
Ken Brewer
Fran Delegato
Richard Dillon
Sylvia Hess
Ed Hicks
Don Hoog
Linda Moore
Renee Raisch


 The purpose of the Parish Council is to represent the people of the parish community in the process of making evaluations and recommendations that will help the Pastor and Pastoral staff.  As primary administrators of the parish, the council is to make decision an and take action to improve the quality of parish services and parish life.

The St. Augustine Parish Council meets monthly from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. (Following month’s meeting date determined at monthly meeting) If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Augustine’s Parish Council or in attending a monthly meeting, contact Joe DeVillez.

The Regional Parish Council meets quarterly. We meet whenever Father tells us to meet.  The meeting is held at one of the three parishes that make up Region 1.  The parishes included in Region 1 are St. Augustine’s, St. Benedict the Moor, and St. Mary’s.