GAP CALENDAR for 2019-2020

GAP CALENDAR 2019-2020
Class 10 minutes after the conclusion of Mass for one hour (9:30 to 10:30)
Questions call Angie Valenti at 696-4020


15 GAP Stations of the Cross
22 NO GAP–Spring Break
Valley View Spring Break March 23-27
29  GAP Stations of the Cross


5   GAP SVDP Bake Sale and Egg Hunt after 8:15 Mass
12  NO GAP – Easter
19  GAP–Children’s Mass 8:15 2nd grade (1st Communion Practice during GAP) Last Day of GAP/End of the Year Breakfast after 8:15 Mass
26  NO GAP–First Communion–need approval from Fr. Francis


3  NO GAP-Confirmation Time??? St. Mary’s Dayton


GAP Calendar 2019-2020